Further Ballad Information:

An introduction to the Swedish medieval ballads on the Musikverket website from Ingrid Åkesson
A background to medieval Scandinavian ballads from Velle Espeland (especially Norwegian ballads): All for his Maiden Fair

More Ballad Blogs and so on:

Better Know a Child Ballad
Murder Ballad Monday on Sing Out
Child Ballads facebook group
Ballad Lovers Unite facebook group
BAMEPEC project (Giordano Dall'Armellina) Italian, Swedish, and British ballads
Balladeskolen (The Ballad School) Danish site with ballad texts and music.

Ballad Groups:

Ballad Forum in Slaka (på Svenska)
Glasgow Ballad Workshop (many links on this site – but to see what is actually going on, go to facebook)

Scandinavian Music Sites:

FolkWiki a wiki site with notes for Swedish and Scandinavian folk music
Swan Scandi Music Session (Vicki Swan)
Swedish Traditional Music in London (Esbjörn Wettermark)

Viking Age Music:

From Kåre Lie
From the Viking Answer Lady

My Ballad Books:

At the Skadi Press site here

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  1. Hello, just happened to see your blog in a Facebook post to Kristin Borgehed. On the website of the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research there is a rather extensive web presentation of the Swedish Medieval Ballads, written by me, now also in English, on this link: . And I suppose you know about the edition Swedish Medieval Ballads in 5 volumes (7 books)? Greetings, Ingrid

    1. Thanks Ingrid, I have added it now. I have actually linked to that site in one or two places from ballad blog posts, but you are quite right, it should definitely be here on this links page. I am on the Musikverket site a fair bit! Thanks for pointing this out. Hälsningar //Ian