To make it slightly easier to navigate through the older posts, I have created this index page. I have ordered the list of posts alphabetically according to the translated English titles of the ballads. So if you are searching for a Scandinavian name, it may be necessary to use your browser's search function ... or to search manually on this page (actually it's not very long as you can see). Bear in mind that many of the ballads go by more than one name, and that proper names are often spelled in more than one way!

Ballad posts

Agneta and the Merman (Agneta och Havsmannen)
Bendik and Årolilja (Bendik og Årolilja)
Heiemo and the Neck (Heiemo og Nykkjen)
Heming and King Harald (Heming og Harald Kongjen)
Hilla Lill (Hilla Lilla)
The Lindworm (Lindormen)
Little Karin (Liten Karin)
Little Kerstin and the Mountain King (Den Bergtagna / Liti Kjersti / Margit Hjukse)
Little Kerstin the Stable Boy (Liten Kerstin Stalldräng)
Lord Peter and Little Kerstin (Herr Peder och Liten Kerstin)
Lord Peter's Sea Voyage (Herr Peders Sjöresa)
The Mermaid (Havsfrun)
Per Tyrsson's Daughters in Vänge (Per Tyrssons Döttrar i Vänge)
Sinclars Vise
Sir Mannelig (Herr Mannelig)
Sir Olof and the Elves (Herr Olof och Älvorna)
Sir Olof and the Elves again (the ballad sung in English)
Staffansvisan / Staffan Stalledräng (St Stephen's Song / Stephen the Stable Boy)
The Power of the Harp (Harpans Kraft)
The Valraven (Valravnen)

Non-ballad posts

Announcing The Faraway North
On the Mamluk Playing Cards
The Saga of Didrik of Bern ... Weland Smith
The Saga of Didrik of Bern ... Deor

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